Photography Course For Beginners

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Photography Course For Beginners

If you are passionate about photography and want to learn the art of capturing breathtaking moments, our comprehensive beginner’s photography course is made for you. 


  • 1 session per week for 8 weeks PLUS a 3-hour Field Trip
  • Enrol on a start date and attend the same weeknight or weekday for 8 consecutive weeks
  • That’s 19 hours of tuition for only $425!



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Welcome to our beginner photography course in Sydney!

Explore the world of photography with our comprehensive 19-hour course led by our skilled professional photographers – No prior experience needed. Learn every aspect of this captivating art form in one inclusive program.

Our course is designed to teach about Mirrorless camera digital SLR for beginners, perfect for those who want to learn how to take stunning digital photos for fun, work, or a potential career in photography.

We’ll provide clear and straightforward explanations of digital terminology and teach you not only the technical but also the artistic skills so that you can confidently capture portraits, products, landscapes, travel photos, or any other type of photography you choose.

* On the 6th week of your workshop, there is a bonus 3-hour field trip around Sydney’s Harbour Foreshore late on Sunday afternoon. This trip covers daylight, dusk, sunset and night photography, where you practice all you have learnt with the support of your Tutor.  In addition to the studio demonstrations and practicals, all this allows you to learn as you shoot.  

But that’s not all – during the final week, we celebrate your progress by showcasing your best images in a breathtaking digital slideshow and the top 30 photos are showcased in on online exhibition.

Ready to get started? Just select your preferred start date and time from our online enrolment form. We can’t wait to see your creativity in action!


* A final weather check will be conducted with the Bureau of Meteorology on the afternoon of your Field Trip.  This may lead to the Field Trip being postponed in cases of unfavourable weather reports.  The Field Trip may run in cases of light showers but not in persistent storms or heavy rain. 

N.B. Classes are run subject to acquiring minimum numbers.

Start Your Photography Journey Today with our SLR or Mirrorless Photography Course

Expert Guidance from Skilled Photographers

Our beginner’s photography workshop is led by a  highly skilled and experienced award winning photographer who is passionate about teaching and sharing their knowledge. Their expert guidance will give you personalised attention and valuable insights to accelerate your learning process.

Hands-on Practical Learning

Theory alone can only take you so far in photography. Our beginner photography class is designed to provide hands-on practical learning opportunities, allowing you to apply the concepts and techniques you learn in real-world scenarios. You will gain confidence in handling your camera and capturing stunning images through practical exercises and interactive sessions. But that’s not all.  Photography is about art and we have a firm grasp of it.  Your experience with us is very art based! 

In addition, you will connect with like-minded individuals and share your work to receive constructive feedback that will further improve your skills.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our photography basics course covers everything from understanding the essential functions of your camera to exploring excellent composition techniques and mastering exposure; our 8-week course will empower you with the necessary skills to create captivating photographs.

Practical Tips and Techniques

Learn practical tips and techniques that can elevate your photography skills to the next level. From understanding lighting and framing to a bit of post-processing and editing, you will gain valuable insights that can transform your ordinary photographs into extraordinary works of art.

Comprehensive Course Notes

Tutorial notes will be provided to you for reference in and out of class in the form of an Online Course Companion which can be used for you to clarify and expand on all you will be taught during your time with us.  This resource is invaluable!

Learn More about Photography with Sydney Photographic Workshops

If you are ready to embark on a fulfilling photography journey and capture mesmerising moments, the Digital Photography for Beginners Course is your way to success. Whether you aspire to become a professional photographer or simply want to hone your skills as a hobbyist, our course will empower you to unleash your creativity and tell compelling visual stories.

Join Sydney Photographic Workshops, discover our Photography Workshops and unlock the full potential of your camera, develop your artistic eye, and capture breathtaking images.   

For more information, Contact us; one of our team members will gladly assist you. 


Who is the beginner photography course for?

Our beginner photography course at Sydney Photographic Workshops are fantastic classes for people who take the art form as a hobby, who want to kickstart their photography career and photography enthusiasts that wish to brush up on their foundation skills. 

How much does it cost for the beginner photography course?

Our photography classes for beginners cost $425 overall. 

Your fee includes the following:

  • Professional Photographer for 19 hours tuition
  • Workbook with notes / notepad
  • Light refreshments throughout the class
  • Studio equipment for demonstrations
  • 3 hour photographic expedition field trip 

Contact us for more information. 

How long is the beginner course?

Our comprehensive beginner photography course runs for 8-weeks in total – which includes a BONUS 3 hour Field Trip on the Sunday of the 6th week. Our students can attend either a 7pm-9pm course or a 12pm-2pm course.

The photography course runs for a period of 8 sessions for 2 hours each session. Each session runs from EITHER :

7pm to 9pm on the NIGHT you have chosen to attend each week


12pm to 2pm on the DAY you have chosen to attend each week

Please be sure that you have enrolled correctly in your choice of Day or Night. Should you have made an error – please contact us immediately.

Should you not be able to make a particular day or night throughout the course you may be able to attend another day or night that week (subject to availability) by making a request via email at

What can I expect to learn from the course?

Our beginner photography course is designed to provide you with practical and hands-on opportunities to better understand using the digital camera to create stunning images.  From touching on your various DSLR or Mirrorless camera settings, expanding your creative eye with our 3-hour field trip to helping you acquire new artistic and technical skills, our photography courses for beginners covers a variety of niche areas of photography in an engaging, simplified way. Throughout a full 19 hours of tuition, you will be guided by some of Australia’s leading professional photographers. By the end of the course, you will have the confidence to take striking photographs from portraits, landscapes, travel and more. 

What camera do I need for the photography course?

At Sydney Photographic Workshops, we require our students to bring a digital SLR, mirrorless or any other camera with manual capability to our beginners course. We also suggest our enrolled students bring any camera accessories they may have from memory cards, fully charged camera batteries and tripod, lens hood, etc. 

Please note: This course is not suitable for compact cameras without full manual mode.

Why choose Sydney Photographic Workshops for the course?

Enrol in Sydney Photographic Workshops beginner photography course, and you can reap the benefits of learning from passionate professional photographers that offer unending support every step of the way. Each boutique workshop holds a maximum of 12 students and draws on current, real-world knowledge to ensure your learning experience is as engaging and hands-on as possible. As a Sydney Photographic Workshops student, you will experience the sensational curriculum of workshops created by our principal tutor and internationally awarded professional photographer, Daniel Linnet, Master Photographer, AIPP. 

Basic overview of some of the topics:

  • Introduction to the digital camera & equipment
  • Taking full creative control of your camera
  • Shutter speed
  • Working with movement
  • Aperture
  • Controlling depth
  • Accurate & creative exposure techniques
  • Using the histogram
  • Understanding white balance
  • Composition
  • Low light and night photography
  • Working with flash
  • Workflow techniques & pro tips
  • Converting files for internet & printing
  • Storytelling techniques

No prior photography knowledge is needed for this digital photography course

Not suitable for compact cameras without full manual mode.

You will need:

  • A digital SLR – or any other camera with full manual capability – including mirrorless cameras
  • Memory Card(s)
  • Any camera accessories you may have – i.e: tripod, lens hood, etc.
  • Fully charged camera battery and spare if you have one
  • Your cameras manual – for referencing those hard to find features

Note: A tripod and lens hood are strongly recommended. If you do not already have these you should consider purchasing them at your earliest convenience as they are an essential part of any good photography kit. 


Your fee includes the following:

  • Professional Photographer for 19 hours tuition
  • Workbook with notes / notepad
  • Light refreshments available throughout the session (includes water, tea & coffee)
  • Final session visual review catered with pizza and soft drinks
  • Studio equipment for demonstrations
  • 3 hour photographic expedition field trip with comprehensive demonstrations throughout

N.B. Classes are run subject to acquiring minimum numbers


A final weather check will be conducted with the Bureau of Meteorology on the morning of your Field Trip. This may lead to the trip being postponed in cases of unfavourable weather reports. We may run in cases of light showers but not in persistent showers or heavy rain.  Should we need to postpone you will be notified via text message to the mobile number supplied to us.

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  1. Good value for money, fun learning environment and lots of opportunities to ask the questions that you otherwise may not have the chance to ask if you look online or read a book. Definitely an interactive experience that id recommend for any learning photographer!

  2. For a while there I wasn’t sure I was getting what I’d hoped from the course but it all started to come together over the last few weeks. I’m very glad I took part in the course, meeting some great people, and Kim was a great wealth of knowledge and passes this on in an friendly, easy manner. I now have a great r understanding of the process and the art. The final night was a treat and I have to say that while each of us talked our submitted images down, truly there were some fantastic photographs tak n. I think some of my fellow students will go far. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anybody.

  3. The course covered a lot of topics in a fun environment. The foundations were reinforced throughout the 8 weeks and makes me more confident with my camera.

  4. This course has certainly given me a better understanding of the technical aspect of photography. I feel more confident that more of my photos will be keepers now! The course location and the presentations were great too.

  5. A great course. I finally know how to work my camera and what makes a great photograph. the classes were highly informative and the excursion really cemented the course content. Thoroughly enjoyed myself and am looking forward to taking better photos in the future.

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