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*This photography course is run on the same night of the week for 4 weeks from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Unlock the full potential of Adobe Lightroom as we guide you through a transformative journey, from image capture to stunning output, whilst exploring the practical and creative functionality of the industry standard photo editing software.

Our course is for beginner to intermediate users of the program and NOT for advanced users of Adobe Lightroom. This practical photo editing software will be explored extensively, empowering you to create captivating and professional-grade images. Whether aiming to enhance your shots or craft extraordinary visual masterpieces, our Adobe Lightroom course covers all essential aspects.

The Adobe Lightroom classes require Lightroom Classic (NOT Creative Cloud) – Please ensure the correct version of Lightroom is installed. 

*Please note that class availability is subject to meeting minimum enrolment requirements.


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Elevate Your Editing Game with our Adobe Lightroom Course in Sydney

Master the editing process with our Adobe Lightroom workshops. In this course, you will learn to set up a simple yet consistent digital workflow enabling you to file, store and find your images, as well as understand the fundamentals of image adjustments, including exposure, contrast, and white balance corrections.  You will also explore the full range of advanced editing techniques, such as selective adjustments and retouching via the newly introduced AI features, colour management, using presets, plus so much more, on your way to creating your own signature editing style. 

Our Adobe Lightroom photo editing course engages in practical ‘hands-on’ exercises, assignments, presentations and informal discussions through which you will gain a much deeper understanding of Lightroom’s practical and creative application in a real-world photographer’s workflow. 

You will learn how to download and import your images into the Adobe Lightroom software and then organise and manage a number of photo collections. This will make searching individual images from several thousand easy and quick through keyword allocation.

We will show you how to prepare and export your images for either online or printed presentations as you are guided through a professionally developed workflow. Utilising a range of image file formats, we will introduce you to the world of the digital negative (these will be supplied). We will then explore Lightroom’s editing and creative capabilities, organising, working on and exporting your now magnificent images. We will also examine the various methods to output your images.

We’ll simplify your editing workflow and equip you with indispensable techniques to significantly reduce editing time while maintaining exceptional quality.

*Includes exclusive online access to an online recording of your sessions to work through during the week.

A Tailored Experience

Our Adobe Lightroom editing course is crafted to accommodate a maximum of 9 students per class; we aim for a learning environment that allows our students to get personalised attention and great opportunities to interact with fellow photography enthusiasts.

In this small boutique class, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to interact with the instructor, ask questions, and receive feedback. The course is for those who are new to Adobe Lightroom or have some previous experience.

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Basic overview of some of the topics:

  • Understanding the digital capture process
  •  RAW – The digital negative
  •  Creative image manipulation techniques
  •  Colour management
  •  White balance control
  •  RAW exposure techniques
  •  Camera set-up for RAW shooting
  •  Digital workflow techniques
  •  Tethering your camera to lightroom
  •  Creating & managing your image library
  •  Getting the perfect file
  •  Preparing files for output & sharing

Basic computer knowledge essential

You will need to know your way around your laptop and have a basic understanding of the digital medium.

You will need:

  • A laptop with Adobe Lightroom Classic installed.  If you do not have Adobe Lightroom Classic you can simply download a free 30 day trial.
  • If you are using a newer model MacBook – please bring a USB adaptor.
  • Dress casual & comfortable

This workshop is $425 for a total of 12hrs Tuition

Your fee includes the following:

  • Professional Photographer & Digital Imaging Expert providing 12 hours tuition
  • Access to Audio Visual Recordings of each weeks lesson
  • Use of Monitor or Screen Colour Profiler
  • USB key with sample images to work on
  • Light refreshments throughout (includes water, tea & coffee)



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  1. Enjoyed the course and having the content online is useful as it allows you to revisit later on, overall it was an insightful course and I was able to take my lightroom to the next level.

    Thank you Daniel

  2. An insightful course involving all the elements and processes from importing, managing, editing and exporting images in Lightroom.
    All covered well and in depth.
    It was a much needed boost to my ongoing journey in photography.
    I highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is serious in photography!
    Thank you Daniel and Wendy!

  3. I was greatly looking forward to the SPW Lightroom course and was not disappointed in the least! I have been using Lightroom for some time but Daniel very thoroughly and patiently revealed many, many (unknown to me) features, that I am now able to adapt in processing my images to a much higher and better standard. I knew this was a powerful program but was still amazed at what Daniel taught me over the four weeks of the course. The “under the hood” teaching through to the workflow progression was presently sequentially and logically. All the while, Daniel emphasised that while this might be the way he works, the idea is to adapt his teachings to develop your own style and workflow. If you are looking to learn about Lightroom, I can’t recommend this course highly enough. Thank you Daniel for a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience (and to Wendy for all the behind the scenes support)!!

  4. Thanks again for the last 4 weeks. I am now a lot more confident working in LR and the video recordings of the nights are a master stroke and much appreciated….. Daniel is a great presenter that knows his stuff. If you need assistance with Lightroom I highly recommend the 4 weeks course.

  5. A well-structured and very informative course on Lightroom, given by a patient tutor who is very experienced in the use of Lightroom. I highly recommend this course for Lightroom beginners and those with some Lightroom experience.

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