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Benjamin Lee

After finishing an economics degree at Macquarie University, Ben headed to Thailand, India and Nepal for his first overseas trip in the early 1990s. Partly inspired by his father, a keen painter and photographer, Ben made good use of the Canon AE1 which his father gave him to capture his journey. It was during this time his true passion for photography was born. Ben then travelled extensively through the UK, Ireland, Turkey and Africa on two-year photographic expedition. His main focus today is a mixture of portraiture, commercial, sport and documentary assignments. He prefers location-based work, and his solo exhibitions display this affinity with the natural environment and the people of the regions he explores. Ben is represented by Wildlight Photo Agency. Ben has also worked for the prestigious international photographic library Corbis as an image researcher.

  • SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE ‘VIVID 2024’ Special Edition Night Photography

  • ‘VIVID 2024’ Special Edition Night Photography CIRCULAR QUAY

  • Night Photography Workshop

  • Travel Photography

  • Photography Essentials

  • Photography Course For Beginners

  • Private Photography Tuition

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