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Workshops for beginners to advanced photographers curated by internationally acclaimed Master Photographer, Daniel Linnet, and taught by award-winning, passionate professionals.





Workshops for beginners to advanced photographers curated by internationally acclaimed Master Photographer, Daniel Linnet, and taught by award-winning, passionate professionals.




Workshops for beginners to advanced photographers curated by an AIPP Master Photographer and taught by award-winning, passionate professionals.

Digital photography course designed for beginners


Comprehensive 8-week course for Digital SLR or Mirrorless Photography. Perfect balance of ‘hands on’ & theory. Sydney’s most comprehensive digital photography course curated by AIPP Master photographer & taught by award winning professional photographers. Day or Night. $425 for 19 hours


Premium 1 day intensive ‘hands on’ portrait workshop with internationally acclaimed Master Photographer, Daniel Linnet, AIPP.  Male & female models.  Mostly shooting utilising available light. Intermediate to advanced class – you must shoot in manual mode. $450 for 9 hours

Sydney Speedlite Photography Workshop


Premium 1 day intensive ‘hands-on’ lighting workshop with internationally acclaimed Master Photographer, Daniel Linnet, AIPP. Friendly professional models. Lights, camera, action! Excellent value. Intermediate to advanced class – you must shoot in manual mode. $450 for 10 hours


Expert one-on-one training on any topic you wish to cover with one of Sydney’s multi award winning leading photographers all to yourself guaranteed to catapult your skill set! Anything from beginner to professional.  Getting full creative control of your camera to portfolio feedback. Max. 2 students. From $150 per hour

Sydney Travel Photography Workshop


Premium intensive 1 day ‘hands on’ & in the field workshop. Take awesome travel shots on your next holiday with any SLR or Mirrorless camera. 2 Tutors! Be taught by experienced Travel photographer, Benjamin Lee and AIPP Master Photographer, Daniel Linnet.  Beginner to intermediate. $450 for 9 & 1/2 hours


1/2 day beginners ‘hands on’ in the field workshop around Sydney’s Harbour Foreshore. All the essentials of digital photography for DSLR or Mirrorless cameras to get you controlling your camera for stunning photos. Control your camera in all it’s modes.  Everything you need to get started. Beginner. $150 for 4 hours


Extend your shooting hours & learn to shoot at night whilst you explore Sydney’s iconic harbour foreshore from a different perspective with a professional photographer.  Experiment with all types of photography in the dark.  Shoot iconic photos that will be postcard perfect.  Beginner to intermediate. Tripod essential. $149 for 3 hours


Comprehensive boutique Adobe Lightroom 4 week ‘hands on’ course. Everything from capture to output with multi award winning Adobe Lightroom specialist. Take your images to the next level as you prepare them for print or web use. Basic computer skills essential. Beginner.  $425 for 12 hours


Get your team together and we’ll teach them how to shoot for your business. Whether it be products or portraits you need photographed, our experienced team will train them up for you and your business requirements. Or why not organise a team event?  Let us do it!  All tailored for your team. Professional and fun. Get a quote!


On location or in-school excursions for your students. We lead School excursions which can be done at Sydney’s iconic Harbour Foreshore, on Cockatoo Island, on campus or almost anywhere you can think of.  Give your students an adventure they will remember for years to come whilst we up skill them and add to your curriculum.  Get a quote!


Learn how to effortlessly take photos that have your friends or clients engaging with you and leaving them wanting more.  Join us at Sydney’s Bondi Beach, or a location of your choice, where we’ll teach you how to take such good photos your viewers will think you’ve gone pro! Bring any smartphone for this Workshop. MINIMUM BOOKING OF 6 PARTICIPANTS


Tap into your multi-award-winning photojournalist, Glenn Lockitch’s, creative process and techniques as he guides you through the incredibly photogenic urban landscape around Kings Cross. Explore the colourful streets in the environment of one of Sydney’s oldest bustling districts whilst learning all about street photography. Beginner to intermediate.  $195 for 4 hours.


Guy Templeton
Guy Templeton
Terrific street photography session with Glenn. I picked up quite a few new techniques while also capturing some great shots. And it was a lot of fun!
m s
m s
It was a very enjoyable afternoon and I learned a lot - it was fun and I can highly recommended. it. As always, Sydney Photographic Workshop lived up to my expectation
Gina Yazbek
Gina Yazbek
I had a great photography lesson with Glen, where I gained both legal, creative and practical knowlede for street photography. Glen’s wealth of experience was generously shared, providing valuable insights and techniques. I am inspired and eager to explore street photography.
Tony Pryce
Tony Pryce
Thanks for Saturday, the day cleared up my questions on how to take photos in that kind of situation. I left early as I was very tired but I counted it as a successful afternoon.
Merric Foley
Merric Foley
Beginners Workshop was fantastic. Well-paced to ensure that a large amount of information was imparted whilst moving along at a good rate and keeping everyone moving along. The teachers are very clearly experts in photography - but what's more their passion for teaching is very clear. Have no hesitation recommending.
PS Venkat
PS Venkat
I am very pleased that I attended the basic photography workshop with Daniel. He was splendid with his enthusiasm to share his knowledge. The course really helped me to understand the nuances of photography. Highly recommend the course for anyone. SPW has a number of different courses. I am very sure that I will go back to them for more in due course of time.
Chris Bate
Chris Bate
Before starting the course, I had a basic knowledge of photography already but often was unable to translate what I saw with my eye into picture form. Glenn, our course leader week by week rebuilt my understanding from the ground up and made me much more confident in taking the pictures I wanted. Highly recommended course!
The beginner course was very good. I learned so much about my camera and how to take photos like a pro;) the teacher was very good, patient and fun! A lot of quality for a very fair price. Lovely people and relaxed atmosphere
Kristine O'Carroll
Kristine O'Carroll
I recently completed the beginners photography course. 8 weeks ago, I had a camera and only knew how to use one button. Now, I feel really confident turning my camera to manual mode and being able to get a shot that I can foresee in my mind, as opposed to clicking and hoping for the best. Daniel is a great teacher and very encouraging. To anyone considering this course, I highly recommend. Side note: If you take on this course, do not be discouraged by the first two to three weeks of content. I never thought I was going to get my head around ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed but by about week four, it clicked for me and I'm sure it will for you too!
Jarrad Warren
Jarrad Warren
I’d been photographing as a hobby for 5+ years and decided to do some courses to improve. You’re learning from people who have done photograph their entire life and their knowledge is unbelievable. They also create an interactive environment so you make some friends along the way too.

Photography Courses & Classes

Exciting training activities for our creative spirits at heart! If you’re an avid photographer, up skill with a creative edge with Sydney Photographic Workshops’ photography courses & workshops for beginners to enthusiasts, all the way through to pro & taught by multi award-winning, passionate teaching photographic professionals. Photography is more than just a job or hobby. It’s a passion and a way of living. That’s why our motto is, ‘Photography, we live it!’ Some people may consider it an intimidating career that requires inherent skill with a tonne of training and reserved for die-hard professionals.  This isn’t the case with Sydney Photographic Workshops as we have been sharing our collective photographic knowledge for the last 19 years with a tonne of passion! With so many photography courses in Sydney, you may be looking for the one that leads you into the depths of creativity that you dream of, and here it is! Photography itself is an art form combining a balance of precision, patience, and an eager eagle-eye. At Sydney Photographic Workshops, our role is to bring once-in-a-lifetime experiences to you. If you’re interested in learning the basics from professional photographers or looking to up skill your ‘point and shoot’ abilities with your smartphone, using your DSLR or Mirrorless Canon, Nikon, Sony, or any other camera for that matter, we have the course or workshop for you.  Feel like enhancing your already existing creative skills? In that case, our interactive photography classes will provide you intimate opportunities to help you take the high quality digital images you crave to kick-start your enthusiast hobby or career.

Our Photography Courses In Sydney

Photography encompasses many different techniques and genres, which is why it’s imperative to have access to all if you want to be an all-rounder. At Sydney Photographic Workshops, we have various photography courses, workshops, and private tuition for you to explore where you can find the niche that suits you! Whether you’re just starting or a long-time lover of photography, we’re bound to have a course catered to your skills and experience level. Dip your toes into the world of photography with our exclusive flagship 8-week course for beginners, brush up on your retouching skills with our in-depth Adobe Lightroom workflow photography classes, master the art of night photography or stimulate your creative eye for stunning portraiture work with an Australian Master, and spend a day at our Speedlite flash, one-day intensive workshop.We are one of the leading organisations for creative individuals, committed to be your starting point to not only build your photography skills, but to create inspiring images whenever you pick up a camera. Whatever course you have your eye on, Sydney Photographic Workshops offers hands-on practical learning experiences for all enthusiasts, curated and designed by Australian Master Photographer Daniel Linnet, AIPP, and led by our passionate and experienced award-winning tutors. Our photography classes are held in our Alexandria Studio, just an 10-minute walk from Redfern station or around various exciting locations in Sydney, depending on which workshop or course that you attend. Browse through our selection of Sydney-based photography workshops to see which fits your needs. If you’re still stuck, contact one of our helpful, professional staff, and they will advise you on what photographic workshop or course will be the best fit for you.

Unleash Your Creativity with Our Photography Workshops

Are you an aspiring photographer looking to capture breathtaking shots? Or maybe you’re a photography enthusiast aiming to refine your skills. Welcome to Sydney Photographic Workshops; we have carefully tailored all of our photography workshops and courses, designing them to cater for photographers of all levels.

Our team of photographers are passionate about photography and dedicated to helping photographers unleash their creative potential. If you’re looking to capture stunning images, express yourself through photography, and master the art of visual storytelling, you’ve come to the right place.

Photography Classes For Everyone

Find the best photography classes in Sydney at Sydney Photographic Workshops; our workshops are designed to cater for all skill levels, ensuring that whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photographer, you’ll find the perfect class to enhance your skills. 

We offer diverse workshops covering everything from fundamental techniques through our ‘Beginners Photography Course’, the intricacies of visual storytelling in our advanced techniques and creative composition skills in the ‘Portrait Photography Workshop’, learn and refine  technical skills with our Digital Photography Workshops orAdobe Lightroom Course’ – to even more courses. 

We believe in learning through enjoyment. Our courses offer a relaxed and collaborative ‘hands-on’ environment, fostering creativity while we provide the best understanding to take your skills to the next level. 

Regardless of your background, age, or aspirations, our photography classes are designed to empower you with skills, inspire your imagination, and create a fun space to learn and grow. 

Join The Sydney Photographic Workshops Community

When you enrol in one of our photography workshops in sydney with our team, you’ll find 

  • Experienced Instructors

Learn from the best! Our instructors are not only skilled, award-winning photographers but also experienced educators. They understand the unique challenges learners face and are dedicated to your growth.

  • Hands-on Learning

We believe in learning by doing. That’s why our photography classes are packed with practical, hands-on activities, helping our students gain real-world experience that will set them apart in photography.

  • Tailored Guidance

Our team takes the time to understand your goals, providing customised guidance that suits your skill level and aspirations. We also have Private Tuitions available that are tailored to your skill set.

  • Small Class Sizes

All of our workshops are small classes to ensure every participant gets the guidance they need to flourish.

Ask questions, engage with photographers, and foster meaningful connections.

  • Dynamic Learning Sessions In Stunning Locations

Some workshops are held in some of Sydney’s most iconic locations, like our travel photography workshop; enjoy taking photos of stunning cityscapes, beaches and more; you’ll have the perfect backdrop to enhance your skills. 

We also provide fun learning experiences, including Corporate photography training and School Photography Excursions

  • Inspiration and Creativity

Beyond technicalities, our instructors want to ignite your creativity, encouraging photographers to explore new angles, perspectives, and ideas to capture resonating images.

Ready To Take Your Photography To The Next Level?

If you want to elevate your photography skills and embark on a journey of creative exploration, now is the perfect time to join our community.

Whether you’re just starting out and want to learn the basics or are an experienced photographer seeking to refine your techniques, our diverse range of workshops has something to offer for every enthusiast.  

Discover the power of visual storytelling, learn from industry experts, and connect with our community of photography lovers. Don’t miss this opportunity to take your passion for photography to new heights. 

Explore our workshops today and embrace the world of photography like never before!