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Photography . . . we live it!

students' feedback

Ayden loves the mentorship. I can see such a big improvement in his photography and his understanding of behind the scenes. You and Daniel are fantastic, so thanks - Neisha Shepherd
The lesson was great! Tutor was very knowledgeable and it was a lot of fun. - Amanda Christie
The workshop was fantastic, I finally know what all of my buttons are for and no longer ponder why I brought a DSLR over a compant point and shoot camera. - Rebecca
I took part in the Lightroom sessions and found the course to be incredibly beneficial. Will highly recommend to anyone looking to get a better understanding of Lightroom. Warrick Eady
I enjoyed the 8 week digital photo course with SPW at the West Pymble studio. Ben is a great teacher and now my camera is no longer left on the green automatic button and I am taking some great photos in manual mode. If you are looking for a way to challenge yourself I would recommend this course! No point owning a great camera if you don't really know how to get the best out of it. - Kirrily
It has been a wonderful journey…... I enjoyed that afternoon, and had been impressed with the instructor, hence choosing Sydney Photograph(c Workshops) as my teacher and guide to learn how to use a SLR. Enrolling was simple and every staff member was helpful, friendly and accommodating. The group was a good size, small enough to get personal attention and big enough to add diversity. Marc was a patient instructor. His explanation were clear and made sense…. I have continued to learn and feel I am improving. Having changed from a Nikon 80 to a Nikon 7100 has not been a big challenge thank to the course.… Thanks for the final evening. Seeing the photos of the other students, was inspirational, but even more important receiving the feedback on my photos and listening to the feedback on all the other photos was very valuable.... Anyway, a big Thank You to everyone! It will not be my last class and I will continue promoting the school.Friendly Regards - Margret Schuller
The Photographing People workshop was exactly what I needed at this stage of my shooting...pushing me out of my comfort zone, yet explaining along the way how to take on these new skills, as well as answering niggling little technical questions which had been lingering for some time as I had nobody to ask in situ. Daniels' instruction and demonstration was fast paced but clear and thorough, and the models were patient and professional. I'm inspired to put into practice all that I have learned, and come back for more. - Tia Melody
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the Nature Workshop. Daniel and Pavel were so well informed and helpful and I felt I had learned a lot from them in a very relaxed and friendly manner. The day was a delight and I would thoroughly recommend the workshop. - Kris Kasby
Just a short note to say a belated thank you to the SPW team, particularly Ben, for the wonderful introduction to DSLR course that I've just completed. I enjoyed it enormously, and have undoubtedly learned more about the operation and use of the camera in 8 short weeks than I ever imagined possible! I particularly enjoyed the 3-hour practical workshop in Sydney, and the challenge of putting together a portfolio of photos for the final night 'show and tell'. I am extremely grateful to all the team, and look forward to joining you again for one of the more advanced courses in the not-too-distant future. Best wishes and kind regards. - David Rowlinson
It was a great Experience & I am definitely looking forward for more courses with you guys. - Jasjeet Singh
Just dropping a note to say thank you for a great session yesterday. Both my sister and I had a great time and learnt more than we anticipated! Daniel was an excellent teacher - delivered the tutorial at an excellent pace and was very intuitive in knowing exactly what each of us required. We left the tutorial feeling as though our brains would explode - but then spent most of the evening talking about our tutorial and taking photos of everything we could at any moment (which drove our dining and drinking companions crazy). We will definitely recommend your workshops. And I will definitely be back again for an extended course. - Christina & Anastasia Kirillas
Night Photography Course. An excellent Course. I booked this course to learn more about the creating techniques that can be used when taking photographs at night. This course covers exactly that! The professional photographer and instructor was highly knowledgeable in photography and delivered a well-structured course that allowed me to learn easily and quickly. The instructor was very approachable and always keen to answer questions and share tips and tricks. If you want to learn how to play with camera settings to take an array of funky photos at night then this course is a must! - Jay
I really enjoyed the workshop and personal tuition. - Brett Dorney
The half day DSLR workshop is exactly that! It's an awesome workshop aimed at DSLR cameras. The workshop is run by a experienced and knowledgeable guide and goes for half a day. So bring your walking shoes and a hat because you'll be needing them. The workshop will help you to understand the features of your camera better, whether you have just bought it or if you have had the camera for a long time. The guide our group had was excellent and accommodated everyone in the group. Even people without a DSLR camera were catered for….. With 10 people in the group it was a good size without too many people or feeling overcrowded. That said I think it would be better with a smaller group size, but that is only so I could have the guide's knowledge to myself more often! Our guide answered everyone's questions thoroughly and was always willing to spend time on each person to ensure they grasped the content of what had just been taught. The workshop was structured so you could get an understanding of the cameras features one by one. Each part of the course built on top of the last component and my understanding increased with each stage. By the end of the day I had gone from using the standard pre set settings to having an understanding of using the full manual functions of the camera. Overall I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has bought a DSLR but does not have the background (photography) knowledge to operate it. If you're like me and hate reading user's manuals this course is the one for you. By the end of the day you'll have a greater understanding and an appreciation of what your camera can do. 100% recommended! Also bring a pen and paper! - Douglas Murphy
Thanks again for amazing workshop! ….. Looking forward joining some other workshops in the nearest future! Regards - Giedre Maciute
The Night workshop was awesome! - Ben Wells
Saturday’s workshop was fantastic. It learned a lot about my camera and I will certainly consider workshops with you down the track. - Vicki Forbes
Thanks for the informative and very enjoyable wildlife experience on Saturday. - Clive Woolfe
Thanks for a wonderful day, you were all so lovely. - Kris Kasby
Thanks for the great intro course from Frank. Aiden and I learnt a lot and enjoyed the time with Frank. It was a great introduction for Aiden. - Chris Fisher
The night photography course was an informative introduction to the subject. Technical aspects were well explained, and the tutor endured everyone understood the subject, as well as their camera. Highly recommended. - Graham Brown.
I attended the People Photography Workshop - it was a great day where I learnt heaps, was able to practice what I was taught immediately, and was able to work with great teachers and models. Thank you! - Anand
I had a great day at the People photography workshop. I enjoyed seeing how a pro worked and it has given me some ideas that I can't wait to try out. - Russell Thomas
People Photography Workshop has been my third workshop with Sydney Photograph(ic Workshops). This workshop was as professional, educational and fun as the other two workshops. I am sure this was not the last one I will attend. - Margret Schuller
I am very pleased with my results from Saturday’s workshop - the techniques and teaching were excellent. Ralph Hilmer
I had a great time and learned a lot. Even though I came in as a beginner I wasn't made to feel as such. - Daniel Stewart
A big thank you to Daniel, Wendy, Renee & team as well as the Models Frankie & Keiran, The studio lighting workshop was very enjoyable and full of great tips. It was so inspiring to work with such talented people and to draw on Daniel's wealth of experience. Not only does Daniel have an amazing gift as a photographer. He also has a great ability to teach people with various levels of experience , in a very enjoyable manner. A most productive and fun day. Thanks again - Steve.B
Fantastic course - Glenn was a fantastic teacher, apart from teaching techniques, he explained how things work , which is great for me. Also loved the creative tips he gave us, good to have an experienced person's view on things. Luved it all, am thinking to do more courses. - Jm333
Really enjoyed it. Very informative right from the start. Very knowledgeable and helpful tutor. Even if you know what you are doing with your camera, you can learn next tricks and tips but also a good refresher. Good also to meet other enthusiasts. Great all round, and great location. - Ed50n
For anyone interested to find out more about studio lighting, Daniel is a great teacher, and the workshop is enlightening. I really enjoyed the experience, and came away with some great images, courtesy not only of Daniel's lighting skills but of the skills and imagination of the set creators, make up artists and the professional models. I would really recommend this workshop, and will be attending more. - Kerry Boytell
As I was not at all familiar with Lightroom I found the workshop was very well structured and importantly, we were not overwhelmed in the first lesson with technical jargon! It was very helpful to be given images to use so that we were all looking at, or working on the same thing in class and very nice to be working on our own images at the end. I now feel confident to use Lightroom at home. - Rosemary Koenig
Thoroughly enjoyed the Night Photography course with Glenn. Very informative and a fun night! Thanks again! - Rachelle McPherson
Despite the fact that it was an extremely windy night I enjoyed the night due to Glenn's excellent teaching and method of running the class. I have been photographing with an SLR camera for many years and was surprised to find how many new ideas I gained and how techniques for implementing these ideas were presented ways that stay with me. Thank you Glenn. - Bett
Fantastic, met all expectations. What a great 4+ hours, I learnt so much, everything was explained in an easy and progressive manner and our guide was so friendly and helpful. - Annon
Frank was very patient explaining everything. You were right lol. And we started from scratch. I have even spent the morning taking photos at Manly and they turned out really well. I will be practicing for a couple of months and will then come along to another session with Frank..... Kindest regards - Lynette Cordery
Great experience as a beginner, very informative class !!! Glenn was very helpful & informative on the day. There was a lot to take in, so Do take pen & paper along to write things down as you go along. He was very helpful with my camera functions and answered all questions with satisfaction. - Regards Charlie
I attended the Travel and Documentary Workshop last Saturday and found the day to be both enjoyable and informative .. The instructors were knowledgeable and able to explain things in a straightforward easy to understand way. Both Ben and Daniel were very approachable and keen to answer all our questions making sure each of us got the most we could out of the experience... The day was planned out perfectly giving us lots of different shooting opportunities with different locations and models, we were well looked after with all our needs catered to...Thanks Renee I would not hesitate to recommend Sydney Photographic Workshops to anyone looking to improve their skills, be motivated or just looking to spend a fun day doing what they love.. I will definitely be signing up for more workshops in the future.. - Nicki Mannix
thanks for the workshop, had a great time, the models and the company were great. Cheers - Eric Elippey
It was nice meeting you and Daniel on the 'People' workshop last Saturday. I really enjoyed learning new techniques and skills from Daniel. - Edward Kwok
Sunday’s class was fantastic. Daniel was so approachable and has a very likeable teaching style. I had a great time and learnt a great deal. Kindest Regards - Julie Tattam
I had a great time at the People Photography Workshop last Saturday (16/11).... Thanks for the day, I'm looking forward to putting what I've learnt into action over the next couple of weeks. Thanks - Russell Thomas
...I had a fantastic time being tutored by Frank Farrugia. I felt a wonderful rapport not only with Frank, but with the whole SPW environment which is conducive to stress-free learning . I am more convinced than ever that I have picked up many Lightroom tips which will contribute to my skills and talents for photo retouching through Lightroom. - Tony Zannino
Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed Saturdays Workshop and feel I got a lot out of it, I'm happy with my photos and planning on a couple more workshops next year.. I appreciate how professionally run it was and all the effort that was put in...will be recommending to a few friends… Thanks - Nicki Mannix
Just letting you know, the tutorial with Daniel was terrific. My knowledge went from not much to a whole lot in 4 hours and he explained everything so well. He makes it look easy! - Alexandra King
Detailed information that was made easy for us to understand. Starts with camera basics in logical order. Progresses in logical steps to build knowledge . Practical demonstrations which we then had to do, and the instructor checked everyone had achieved. I have so much more confidence in the manual mode .. There was a range of brands in our cameras, but the instructor was very thorough in ensuring everyone got the same attention. - Therese
Just wanted to drop a line and let you know that I had a fantastic time at the workshop! I left the day feeling so inspired and wanted to thank you for putting together such an awesome workshop! - Kim Long
Good Experience to upskill! This was a great experience with no prior knowledge or skills needed, in this 3 hour class you will cover the basics of how to operate a DSLR camera. You will learn how to take great night photos that have been correctly composed as well as ho to create special effects on your camera. You will also learn how to take a night photo handheld along with a tripod to get no visible shake effect. Highly recommend to anyone who has a DLSR - Megalou (Night Photography)
We are loving the course. We're having a great time and learning a lot. Thanks again! - Lesley Wright
Thanks for a great day. I learnt so much from the one day workshop.. - Andrew Khamlu
Thanks for a great workshop. The huge effort that your whole team puts into producing the day was much appreciated. - Gary Bolder (Studio Lighting)
Hi Team Thank you all so much for the workshop on Sunday, it was much more enjoyable than I could have imagined. I really enjoyed the whole day , it seemed to go so quickly. Everyone was so amazing and organised which was impressive. I must say that I was made to feel very comfortable even amongst so many others, with way more experience than myself. The models were amazing & I feel that I learnt a lot of valuable tips. It was a pleasure to watch Daniel at work in the studio and nice to see someone with his talent as a photographer & skill as a tutor... I feel as though I've already taken a big step forward & am keen to improve more. Thanks again all - Steve Brown
Thanks for a great day!Really enjoyed being there... You will see me again for sure! - Zoran Covic
Had a fantastic time and really appreciated the effort that went into the whole setup. I learnt a ton, particularly from watching you work. - Sean Henderson (Studio Lighting Photography Workshop)
Thanks so much for a wonderful day yesterday… really had a fantastic time… Can’t believe how much the amount of creativity/hard work was put in from you and all your staff to have made it all possible and totally enjoyable for us. - Angela Marino (Studio Lighting)
Have come away with many helpful hints to advance my night photography. As a family birthday gift to me, this was the best present I could have had. Learnt much, guide was very helpful and the weather was kind to us. Although remember to bring a wind jacket as it gets very windy and cold down on the Opera House meeting point. This introduction workshop to night photography was well worth the time and effort to come to Sydney. - Sepia
Really well planned course. Good pace over the 8 weeks and really enjoyed the feedback at end of course. Linda
This course is just what you need to get started with your DSLR. We went through all the common features to get the best from the camera and also photography techniques. While I already had knowledge of photography and my camera, doing this course helped fill in areas that I was missing. Buzza
I very much enjoyed my first lesson with Frank and I have been taking lots of images and loving it. First time the camera has made sense to me, Frank is excellent - Roberta Easton
The course and instructor were everything I needed. Thank you all and looking forward to the next course. - Anthony Simitzis
I did the beginners workshop with Sarah and it was amazing. I can't believe how much I learnt from a 8 week course. Sarah is a perfect teacher she did a spectacular job. I highly recommend your workshop to everyone I know. You guys are doing a beautiful job, keep it up :) - Abraham Sarary

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