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Photography . . . we live it!

students' feedback

I cannot express how thankful I am to have had the opportunity to spend the time with Daniel yesterday. He was amazing (just as you assured me he would be) and I am so thrilled and excited by what I learned. He explained things so well, he was so patient, and obviously a master at his art. Couldn't have had a better teacher. Thank you so much again for yesterdays opportunity. It is wonderful that Daniel is so kind, and generous in his willingness to share his brilliance with others. I am so happy and so grateful. Thank you! Kind Regards - Lyndall Reeves
Great experience. Great knowledge and enjoyable experience. Was a solid good 2 hours of new information and enjoyment. - Mark Fenson
This was a must do for any DSLR owner. The day was excellent. The staff were very friendly and helpful. We had a brilliant day. We went to the day only knowing how to take photos on auto and now we know how to use our camera the way it's meant to. We highly recommend this to anyone who owns a DSLR, after the day you will never want to use auto again. We will definitely be doing anther course with these guys! - Annon
Just a quick one to thank you both for Saturday it was a very good learning experience..... - Chris Benedet
Thanks for a great (People Photography) workshop on Saturday. Well organised, very informative and with lots of ability to test out what we were learning. Tracey and I will definitely be back for some of the other workshops! - Ashley Anderson-Buick
Just finished "The Lightroom Sessions". Frank is a legend. My skills in Lightroom have gone to the next level. Cheers! - Peter Hollmann
I would like to say thank you for organizing the photographic course I attended last Saturday. It was given to me as a gift so I was unsure as to what it would be like. I found the course to be well thought out and I was very surprised to learn so much about my camera and how to get the best outcome from my shots. Please thank (Glenn) for his excellent wealth of knowledge that he was willing to share. I would have no hesitation in recommending the course to others. If I lived in Sydney I would want to attend further lessons. Regards - Rodney Carman
Thank you very much for such an amazing course. I've honestly taken away so much from this course. I have no doubt I'll be back for more..... Kind Regards - Paul Mifsud
Thanks so much for the tutorial today. A little nudge in the right direction is exactly what I needed! Not only was the session informative it was also entertaining! - Christina Kirillas
Hi team. As usual a great workshop. I feel a lot more confident going out in the field with just speedlites now. So target was achieved. Have gone ahead and purchased a new set of triggers..... Thanks indeed. Cheers - Tony Palliser
It was a great intro course for me on the weekend. Frank was great as a teacher. I only bought my camera 2 weeks ago and literally had NO idea how to use it at all! So I learnt a lot..... I've attached 2 of my fav photos from the day - never in a million years would I think that I'd be excited about a car photo and a blurry background but I love them :-) - Belinda Griffith
Just wanted to say a big thank you to Frank for a brilliant photographic session. I enjoyed the tuition immensely. The level of information was spot on and tailored to my particular requests. - Kind regards - Lorraine Carroll
Thank you Daniel and Wendy for an amazing workshop. I learnt so much from Daniel. He is so generous and giving of his knowledge, and the lighting techniques he taught me will definitely take my photography to the next level. I will definitely be back for more workshops! - Susan Papazian
I wanted to thank you once again for the great session on Saturday and your wonderful hospitality inviting us into your studio and your home. I spent some time on Sunday evaluating my kit to determine what I can do with what I currently have and what else I need to begin taking my portrait photography in a whole new direction. Thanks and kindest regards - Brian Bird
Had a really enjoyable shoot on Saturday (as usual). Thanking you - Mark Charteris
Daniel and Wendy, thank you again for the wonderful Speedlite workshop. Daniel I have always found you to be exceedingly generous with your knowledge and tuition and have gained a much greater depth within my own technique having attended your workshops over many years. Again Wendy your warmth and attentive nature adds another level of enjoyment to the day. Thank you for welcoming us into your home. Best Regards - Shirley Plowright
I do enjoy the session very much. I find it tailored to really suit what I am after. Daniel was very resourceful and hands on throughout the session. Not only has he goes back to basic to cover what I need to know, but also he has take a step further and encourage me to train my eyes to see what I should look for, to take the shot that I've always wanted. He has been very patient, entertaining and generous with his knowledge. I can't wait to put what I've learned into practice and come back for more. Thank you again for being an awesome tutor :) Sincerely - Nora Audy
Thank you for a great Speedlite Workshop. It was a fantastic day and helped to unravel the mysteries of flash photography for me. Daniel was extremely generous in sharing his methods and reasonings with us and I feel confident to start experimenting with my Speedlite in order to obtain by myself some of the beautiful images I captured on the day. The models/artists and assistants were of the highest quality and I felt I could enjoy the day in an open and supportive environment. I can't wait until the next workshop! ....Thanks again, I had a ball, and I am looking forward to being more creative with my Speedlite! With kind regards. Shanel Cameron
Thank you for your hospitality & tour around Sydney. It was a great experience that I will always remember, thanks for giving us you & Wendy's time. I really appreciated the new skills that I have learnt from you. Thank you - I will let aunty pat know you said hi. :) Thanks - Telita Braun :)
I have to say lsat Saturday was one of the best workshops I have attended. The information and practice was second to none..... - Bruce Webb
Thank you once again to Daniel and the SPW team for putting on another great workshop. Cheers. - Edward Kwok
I would like to thank you for Saturday's great introduction to Speedlite photography. I took away with me some great knowledge that I will now put into practice on my continuous learning journey into photography your passion for photography is infectious. I loved the styling and set up that you created for the photo shoots on the day also a big thumbs up on your fantastic models Magdalena and Jonas. Thank you for opening up your home/creative space on the day and thank you Wendy for being such a gracious host you made us all feel at home. Regards - Lisa Fiorillo
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop on Saturday. Your professionalism extends beyond your capabilities as a photographer in providing a structured but relaxed and very informative day. Everyone in the group was encouraged to participate with individual helpful feedback. I have come away with some very valuable tips. Looking forward to attending more in the near future. Cheers - Kim Golledge
Soak in the view and knowledge. Our instructor Glenn is very knowledgeable about photography. He spoke very clearly and made understanding the basics of photography very easy to absorb. The tour around iconic harbour was easy to walk and allowed for very nice photos. Despite the little bit of rain, It was a lot of fun! I was given this workshop as a gift form my company and would definitely recommend friends and family that are interested in learning more about photography beyond point-&-shoot. It is even a great night activity to do with friends visiting from out of town. - Alexisa
It was a special day, the time went like a dream and I enjoyed every minute. Look forward to the next course. You guys are great! Regards and thanks for an inspirational day. - Phillip Glick
I have participated in both a private tuition class with Daniel as well as the 8-week Introduction to DSLR workshop with Frank. In this short time, this talented, professional, welcoming and entertaining group of people have made me fall in love with photography again! As an added bonus, the quality of my photos have also improved. From this point on, I will continue to be an advocate for the services that your team offer. I will also be on the look out for many more opportunities to work with SPW to continue to improve my photography skills. Many thanks to you all. Best - Christina Kirillas
Thanks for a great workshop last Saturday. I had a fun day whilst learning a lot of new techniques from Daniel! It was a day well invested :) Thanks again and I look forward to joining another of your workshop soon. - Ewe Choot
PRIVATE TUITION : Daniel was great, explained everything well, was patient with both me and my model, explained things again when they didn't sink in the first time and then went about proving his theory and invaluable knowledge correct every time I pressed the shutter button. He made it look easy. In fact the whole process of booking with you guys, then having to reschedule was handled professionally. Calling the day before when you were sceptical about the weather was also a considerate touch, that offered me plenty of time to make a decision on what to do on the day ... Nothing was rushed, everything was at a nice relaxed pace and even my model was saying that she had a great time. What I was most blown away with was how Daniel could make most situations work and how to get the best out of all of them. I would look at the obvious while he thought outside the square. He'd point to a spot, position my model and then explain the surrounding elements that made the photo what it was - and they all made sense. Watching how he interacted with the model, made her feel comfortable and directed her in an ever so subtle way .... awesome!! - Bill Karayannis
It was fantastic. Massive amount of info, but Daniels way of explaining it to me was exactly what I needed. I would have had no idea what to do with that camera while I was away if I hadn't had that couple of hours. I will definitely be back for more courses. I'm feeling inspired. See you when I get back. - Matt Pridham - Private Tuition
I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing lesson. I loved ever minute! The time just flew and I learnt soooo much. It was awesome and every time I look at my sons photos I'm inspired. I am now driving my husband nuts taking shots of him. Loving using manual mode.... Feel like I discovered a whole new world. Thank you all so much. Daniel you are inspiring. Love your work and your style. See you all soon as I now have hundreds of questions but need to play/practice with my new found knowledge. Regards - Stephanie Seakins
Thank you so much for organising such a lovely evening last night – it was fabulous to see everyone’s work, it was just stunning – and the food was yummy!…... Sooo nice. Could you please pass on my regards to Glenn – I was sorry not to be able to get to the Wednesday class – but had a lovely evening with Ben and the rest of the group. I’m going to try and organise some private lessons when I get back from holidays at the beginning of October. - Angela Kewley
I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful experience I had completing a course with you guys. You and your team were so warm and welcoming right from the beginning, which really makes a difference to the whole experience. My tutor was great also- he was really clear in his teaching, was incredibly patient and his passion for photography was evident! I look forward to doing more courses in the future :) Thanks again - Veronica Vella
A great Course, well explained and good structure - Tamara Navin
I really enjoyed the Workshop, Frank really explained everything in detail. Frank is an excellent tutor... - Ann Castens
I really enjoyed the class and will look forward to doing more courses in the future with SPW. Thanks! - Matt Dundas
I feel like I know my camera now. Thank you - Raymon Basha
Very informative, fun, friendly & I learnt a lot! I really enjoyed the course. - Tiwi Kadri
The course was presented in a relaxed and friendly environment. Tutor was extremely informative and supportive and willing to answer all questions. I would highly recommend this course. Frank and Ben were fabulous. - Lyndall Khoury
It was a great experience. I have learnt a lot. It has massively improved my photography and I look forward to my next courses- Lightroom and Portraits. Cheers - John Gadd
Great content, great pace and delivered extremely well. Overall I can confidently use my camera and take images effectively. - Scott Mantle
Fabulous course that took me beyond my base knowledge. I got more out of it than I expected. Loved it!! - Kylie Boyd
"Mastering" the mechanics of a modern DSLR is extremely important and I feel confident in positioning my camera for maximum photographic effect, as a result of this course. - Phil Hewitt
Very instructive & informative. Nice informal friendly atmosphere. Good practical components. - Cathy Houston
As a novice photographer I found the course easy to follow & allowed me to practice and experiment with photographic techniques. Ben was a fantastic teacher. I left the course feeling confident with camera techniques that I can put into practice. - Liesel Paff
To say that I have greatly enjoyed and benefited from this class would be an understatement. Great support, lots to learn and now ready for Africa! - Stevie Walsh
After 5 years with my DSLR I finally feel confident with my camera. The classes were a great experience, with a fun learning environment - Amrish Maharaj
Great time, lots of laughs and learnt heaps about my camera, very helpful - Andrew Bourke
Our session with Daniel was incredibly valuable and has left us with a much stronger understanding of studio lighting and the capabilities of our cameras. He went through every step with us at a level and speed that we could understand and also encouraged us to realise that we new a lot more about photography than we initially thought. It was a very positive and informative session and we will most definitely be signing up for more classes with Daniel in the not too distant future. We are actually going to his session at North Sydney Leagues Club tonight! All the best - Lauren and Sue Pokrzywa
Learnt Heaps - This was an introductory course and I have previously completed 2 other introductory courses, yet I still learned a lot of new tips/strategies from this course. My 2 companions who were virtually novices also gained good knowledge from this course. The instructor was helpful and very easy to understand and follow. Definitely a worthwhile course. - Jennie Math
In the 3 hrs we had together, I learnt so much more than I had expected. The instructor was professional and imparted as much knowledge he could in a tight timeframe. I really liked the group size, and the practice as you learn style of the course. Brilliant!! - Shutterbug2
The course (Corporate Training) we had with Sydney Photographic Workshops was a great experience for our team. It was both informative and fun. It was evident that Daniel has a true passion for photography- this made learning so much more enjoyable. - Hitachi Power Tools
I really enjoyed the workshop and found it really well structured. Glenn explained everything really well and I think I got a lot out of it.
This was a fantastic experience! I really enjoyed this experience. The teacher was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and really willing to help everyone understand everything they could about their camera and get the most out of the lesson. I learned so much! Highly recommended - Geo93
Dear Daniel. This is just a personal note to thank you for teaching me some great stuff! I truly enjoyed the discussion and it was much helpful. Here are some shots, which are a tribute to your teaching this afternoon. Even though I have taken the shots like these before, I have never felt a better control over the composition and the kind of picture I wanted to obtain. I achieved that this evening. I felt there was a perfect alignment between the brain and the camera. I got the images I wanted!!! ..... You and Wendy are very nice people and it was truly very nice meeting both of you. Look forward to your future tutorials! Again a BIG THANK YOU! - Nitin Saksena
Hi Wendy and Daniel, Thank you for the wonderful People Photography session. I certainly took away lots new ideas and techniques with me to help me with the school building project that I will be embarking on in Asia...Thanks again and I look forward to more lessons with you guys soon. - Boon Ng
The best photographic course I have done - The course presenter was very friendly and made sure that everyone understood the techniques he was describing. He gave very practical information with some of the theory behind it and went around the group to check that everyone had the correct settings in their cameras. A lot was covered in the course and everyone would have improved their photographic skills and increased their knowledge - ajc047
Thank you for running an excellent workshop last weekend. Very enjoyable and informative. I will definitely keep an eye on upcoming workshops. Regards - Anthony Sluiter
It was a great learning experience, wish it had of gone for longer! The night has inspired me to experiment more with this style of photography that has interested me for a while. Ben was a great instructor and taught some valuable techniques. - Kate Stanwix
What a great experience. This was an amazing 3 hr session , I found controls and features on my camera I didn't know :-o , awesome experience it was great. - pops1962
People Photography Workshop - It made everything click. It is the most practical workshop I have done. I loved it!! My understanding of light and how to work with the various settings has really made a massive improvement today. Thank you!! - Catriona McGregor

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