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Photography . . . we live it!

students' feedback

In the 3 hrs we had together, I learnt so much more than I had expected. The instructor was professional and imparted as much knowledge he could in a tight timeframe. I really liked the group size, and the practice as you learn style of the course. Brilliant!! - Shutterbug2
The course (Corporate Training) we had with Sydney Photographic Workshops was a great experience for our team. It was both informative and fun. It was evident that Daniel has a true passion for photography- this made learning so much more enjoyable. - Hitachi Power Tools
I really enjoyed the workshop and found it really well structured. Glenn explained everything really well and I think I got a lot out of it.
This was a fantastic experience! I really enjoyed this experience. The teacher was extremely knowledgeable and friendly, and really willing to help everyone understand everything they could about their camera and get the most out of the lesson. I learned so much! Highly recommended - Geo93
Dear Daniel. This is just a personal note to thank you for teaching me some great stuff! I truly enjoyed the discussion and it was much helpful. Here are some shots, which are a tribute to your teaching this afternoon. Even though I have taken the shots like these before, I have never felt a better control over the composition and the kind of picture I wanted to obtain. I achieved that this evening. I felt there was a perfect alignment between the brain and the camera. I got the images I wanted!!! ..... You and Wendy are very nice people and it was truly very nice meeting both of you. Look forward to your future tutorials! Again a BIG THANK YOU! - Nitin Saksena
Hi Wendy and Daniel, Thank you for the wonderful People Photography session. I certainly took away lots new ideas and techniques with me to help me with the school building project that I will be embarking on in Asia...Thanks again and I look forward to more lessons with you guys soon. - Boon Ng
The best photographic course I have done - The course presenter was very friendly and made sure that everyone understood the techniques he was describing. He gave very practical information with some of the theory behind it and went around the group to check that everyone had the correct settings in their cameras. A lot was covered in the course and everyone would have improved their photographic skills and increased their knowledge - ajc047
Thank you for running an excellent workshop last weekend. Very enjoyable and informative. I will definitely keep an eye on upcoming workshops. Regards - Anthony Sluiter
It was a great learning experience, wish it had of gone for longer! The night has inspired me to experiment more with this style of photography that has interested me for a while. Ben was a great instructor and taught some valuable techniques. - Kate Stanwix
What a great experience. This was an amazing 3 hr session , I found controls and features on my camera I didn't know :-o , awesome experience it was great. - pops1962
People Photography Workshop - It made everything click. It is the most practical workshop I have done. I loved it!! My understanding of light and how to work with the various settings has really made a massive improvement today. Thank you!! - Catriona McGregor
The lesson is conducted professionally and I don't feel rushed at all. Daniel, Chris and Wendy were really friendly, knowledgeable and attentive. Highly recommended. (People Photography) - Boon Ng
An excellent day and opportunity to work with true professionals providing short cuts to best results. (People Workshop) - Geoff Matthews
Photographing People - It was a very educational and fun and exciting experience. Daniel is an excellent teacher and makes the workshop interesting and keeps the group involved. Wendy is a gracious host and provides a welcoming, relaxed and friendly environment. - Bonnie McLachlan
Well presented course. Clearly explained - step by step (Lightroom Sessions) - Patricia Finlay
The Lightroom Sessions - Classes are the perfect size - 8 people. Frank rocks!! Wonderful teacher. - Michelle Groeneveld
The workshop (Lightroom) was very well structured and the basics were well explained & demonstrated. Frank was able to explain the process in laymans terms and the hands on involvement was excellent. - David Swain
LOVED IT!! I thoroughly enjoyed my Lightroom course. Frank is a fabulous teacher, very patient. I'm really please with it all and happy that I can now use LR. Looking forward to my next course. - Kylie Boyd
The (People Photography) Workshop made all elements of different aspects of photography 'gel'. All fell into place so I feel confident in taking great photos on my next holiday. - Barbara Irvine
A really enjoyable educational day. Would highly recommend SPW to anyone looking to improve their photography skills - Nicki Mannix
Could you please extend my thanks to Frank for his tuition over the past few weeks. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and will be recommending the Sydney Photographic Workshops to others. Thanks again and with best regards. - Gavin Bolton
An awesome intro to the world of photography from a passionate and knowledgable tutor who was fun and engaging. Brilliant value for money and I leave with a sound knowledge of photography and more confidence to shoot in manual! Thank you! - Laura Downie
Course was amazing. I learnt a lot of things to do with my camera. - Tass Psomas
From only ever shooting in automatic I now feel super confident in manual and I tend to take my tripod anywhere - Inspiring course and grown my passion for photography. Thanks Glenn - Nikki Turnbull
A great, thorough workshop -> Highly recommend it! - Sinead Connolly
The course was fantastic. Glenn, the instructor, was so patient with me as a novice - was very much appreciated. Even though he knew exactly what it was all about, there never was an assumption made. Thank to everyone at SPW - Erica Godwin
A number of people gave this group great reviews and it lived ip to my expectations. My Tutor was thorough, patient and professional. Just enrol - Michelle de Souza
I learnt a lot from the workshop and it helped to put the theory into practice through the Field Trip. - Julia Raleigh
Best course I have done at any stage of my adult life. Kim is fantastic. - Mitchell Hall
Beyond expectations. I did not know what to expect really. Scared of not knowing much about my camera, found out with just one question from Glenn the 10 of us were more or less in same boat. I loved it. Precision, re-formulation, content, individual time, all done in a pleasant fluid way. We had a teacher in a passionate photographer! I have learn a lot, memorised and processed a lot of informations. I am craving to even learn more. Really good experience. Thank you to the tutor Glenn. What a Christmas present! Easy to redeem, great quality. Thank you! - Annon
Sarah is the best! Great content, very professional. - Mousa Haddad
It was a fantastic experience. Would love it to have gone longer. Didn't want the workshops to end. - Mandie Sami
Hi Renee. Thank you so much for the perfect personalised gift voucher. Your prompt response and beautiful manner made it so easy for me. Sophie just loved her present and is hoping to attend a workshop in the next uni break. Kind regards - Cheryl Thomas
You know that moment when the lightbulb goes on in your head, well that happened to me every class. Thank you!! - Alex Bell
Marc was great, amazing Tutor, made the whole experience very enjoyable. Took my photography to a much better level. - Matthew Clifton
Marc was very knowledgable and portrayed the information with clarity and enthusiasm. I reall yenjoyed the course and feel much more confident behind the lens than I did when I started. - Virginia Maddock
Great course, my photos improved more in the last 8 weeks than they did in 12 months learning on my own. - Matt Clifford
Thanks so much for spending your valuable time with me today, I enjoyed every second and learnt so much. Appreciate you sharing your knowledge and skills. Look forward to seeing you again soon. Enjoy the picture.... Regards - Phillip Glick
CONGRATULATIONS - TOP 30 prize winner : Thank you! This was an unexpected and nice surprise. And just added to the whole 8 week experience. Definitely be seeing you again some time soon. - Mark Zaglas
I found the workshop (Private Tuition) very helpful; Daniel Linnet easily communicated the necessary information and also the night time workshop held a week ago on Tuesday 27th was very well explained and organised. I already feel I know my camera a lot better. - Barbara Irvine
Thanks for a great night! I learnt lots! - Mora Soliman
I can only thank you for helping me and teaching me everything you know about shooting in a studio and on location. I still have a lot to learn but I wouldn't of been able to do these shoots without having done your courses. - Sandra Markovic
A great experience. I learned so much! I began the day as a rank amateur but by the end of the workshop I was able to understand and utilise the features of my camera. Glenn was a knowledgeable, supportive and a patient tutor. - NJH21
Great Workshop! This was a great workshop - Ben our Tutor was very patient and friendly!! He helped me understand my camera and taught us how to get some really good night shots!! I have more confidence now to get off auto!! Small group which enabled us all to learn! Well done! Great present for photographers!!!! - Jill24
Good Experience to up skill. This was a great experience with no prior knowledge or skills needed, in this 3 hour class you will cover the basics of how to operate a DSLR camera. You will learn how to take great night photos that have been correctly composed as well as ho to create special effects on your camera. You will also learn how to take a night photo handheld along with a tripod to get no visible shake effect. Highly recommend to anyone who has a DLSR. - Megalou
A great experience. A magnificent location and a great teacher AAA+++.
Ayden loves the mentorship. I can see such a big improvement in his photography and his understanding of behind the scenes. You and Daniel are fantastic, so thanks - Neisha Shepherd
The lesson was great! Tutor was very knowledgeable and it was a lot of fun. - Amanda Christie
The workshop was fantastic, I finally know what all of my buttons are for and no longer ponder why I brought a DSLR over a compant point and shoot camera. - Rebecca
I took part in the Lightroom sessions and found the course to be incredibly beneficial. Will highly recommend to anyone looking to get a better understanding of Lightroom. Warrick Eady
I enjoyed the 8 week digital photo course with SPW at the West Pymble studio. Ben is a great teacher and now my camera is no longer left on the green automatic button and I am taking some great photos in manual mode. If you are looking for a way to challenge yourself I would recommend this course! No point owning a great camera if you don't really know how to get the best out of it. - Kirrily
It has been a wonderful journey…... I enjoyed that afternoon, and had been impressed with the instructor, hence choosing Sydney Photograph(c Workshops) as my teacher and guide to learn how to use a SLR. Enrolling was simple and every staff member was helpful, friendly and accommodating. The group was a good size, small enough to get personal attention and big enough to add diversity. Marc was a patient instructor. His explanation were clear and made sense…. I have continued to learn and feel I am improving. Having changed from a Nikon 80 to a Nikon 7100 has not been a big challenge thank to the course.… Thanks for the final evening. Seeing the photos of the other students, was inspirational, but even more important receiving the feedback on my photos and listening to the feedback on all the other photos was very valuable.... Anyway, a big Thank You to everyone! It will not be my last class and I will continue promoting the school.Friendly Regards - Margret Schuller
The Photographing People workshop was exactly what I needed at this stage of my shooting...pushing me out of my comfort zone, yet explaining along the way how to take on these new skills, as well as answering niggling little technical questions which had been lingering for some time as I had nobody to ask in situ. Daniels' instruction and demonstration was fast paced but clear and thorough, and the models were patient and professional. I'm inspired to put into practice all that I have learned, and come back for more. - Tia Melody
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience on the Nature Workshop. Daniel and Pavel were so well informed and helpful and I felt I had learned a lot from them in a very relaxed and friendly manner. The day was a delight and I would thoroughly recommend the workshop. - Kris Kasby
Just a short note to say a belated thank you to the SPW team, particularly Ben, for the wonderful introduction to DSLR course that I've just completed. I enjoyed it enormously, and have undoubtedly learned more about the operation and use of the camera in 8 short weeks than I ever imagined possible! I particularly enjoyed the 3-hour practical workshop in Sydney, and the challenge of putting together a portfolio of photos for the final night 'show and tell'. I am extremely grateful to all the team, and look forward to joining you again for one of the more advanced courses in the not-too-distant future. Best wishes and kind regards. - David Rowlinson
It was a great Experience & I am definitely looking forward for more courses with you guys. - Jasjeet Singh
Just dropping a note to say thank you for a great session yesterday. Both my sister and I had a great time and learnt more than we anticipated! Daniel was an excellent teacher - delivered the tutorial at an excellent pace and was very intuitive in knowing exactly what each of us required. We left the tutorial feeling as though our brains would explode - but then spent most of the evening talking about our tutorial and taking photos of everything we could at any moment (which drove our dining and drinking companions crazy). We will definitely recommend your workshops. And I will definitely be back again for an extended course. - Christina & Anastasia Kirillas
Night Photography Course. An excellent Course. I booked this course to learn more about the creating techniques that can be used when taking photographs at night. This course covers exactly that! The professional photographer and instructor was highly knowledgeable in photography and delivered a well-structured course that allowed me to learn easily and quickly. The instructor was very approachable and always keen to answer questions and share tips and tricks. If you want to learn how to play with camera settings to take an array of funky photos at night then this course is a must! - Jay
I really enjoyed the workshop and personal tuition. - Brett Dorney
The half day DSLR workshop is exactly that! It's an awesome workshop aimed at DSLR cameras. The workshop is run by a experienced and knowledgeable guide and goes for half a day. So bring your walking shoes and a hat because you'll be needing them. The workshop will help you to understand the features of your camera better, whether you have just bought it or if you have had the camera for a long time. The guide our group had was excellent and accommodated everyone in the group. Even people without a DSLR camera were catered for….. With 10 people in the group it was a good size without too many people or feeling overcrowded. That said I think it would be better with a smaller group size, but that is only so I could have the guide's knowledge to myself more often! Our guide answered everyone's questions thoroughly and was always willing to spend time on each person to ensure they grasped the content of what had just been taught. The workshop was structured so you could get an understanding of the cameras features one by one. Each part of the course built on top of the last component and my understanding increased with each stage. By the end of the day I had gone from using the standard pre set settings to having an understanding of using the full manual functions of the camera. Overall I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who has bought a DSLR but does not have the background (photography) knowledge to operate it. If you're like me and hate reading user's manuals this course is the one for you. By the end of the day you'll have a greater understanding and an appreciation of what your camera can do. 100% recommended! Also bring a pen and paper! - Douglas Murphy

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