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Photography . . . we live it!

students' feedback

I wanted to let you know that the course last Saturday was fantastic. I feel so much more comfortable using my camera now. Thank you - Susan Jarrett
Private photography lessons at their best. Received a lesson with Daniel as a gift but will definitely be back for SPW workshops in the future! - Steven Kempler
I enjoyed Portrait Photo Workshop a lot. I’m grateful of Daniel giving us plenty of tips about lighting, and sharing his knowledge and thoughts overall about photography. The day was well planned and very smooth in every way. All your team members were very nice! - Sirpa Levonperä (Finland)
The workshop was great, it gave lot of new ideas and concepts about how to use lights to enhance feature of the subject. It was good for portrait photography where light can be controlled. - Kishore Singhal
A great workshop for anyone that uses the 'Auto' button. The structure was nicely tied together at the end on how to use Manual setting, after understanding Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO. Be sure to practise afterwards! - Dean Forrester
I want to say huge THANK YOU to the team at SPW -- Daniel, Wendy, Chris for a great workshop! I've already marked my calendar for the next instalments of People Photography and Speedlite Workshops! I learned much; but perhaps more importantly, I have been inspired and my love of the image, renewed! Daniel with the assistance of Chris have a great ability to communicate complex topics in an easy to consume method. Their friendly disarming, helpful manner is greatly appreciated; especially by someone finding their confidence. And their willingness to share their work and techniques unreservedly is so appreciated and taken as goals to strive for. Thank you so much for the tips, tutelage and pointers. I am very happy with my humble results - Salim Jordon
Thank you for another great workshop. You guys rock. Warm regards - Rene Kisselbach
I really enjoyed the 1:1 private tuition that my family had given me for a gift. The 3 hours with Daniel gave me the confidence to try out new techniques, particularly related to exposure. I saw my environment in a new 'light', spanning the wonderful 3.00-6-00pm period... I am confidently looking forward to our upcoming trip to Europe, instead of feeling slightly under pressure when confronted by a global stage. While I would love to try the group training for something like Lightroom fundamentals, this private session provided a great opportunity for safely asking questions I may not have raised in a group. Thanks for the great afternoon. - Roger Pearce
I felt value for money. Tutor very helpful and very knowledgable. The company is lucky to have such a tutor. I am more confident after the workshop. - Prem Sandhu
Totally enjoyed it. Individual attention given, no matter what make of camera. I can't believe I now know my way around my Nikon. Thank you. - Jennifer Ciardi
Enjoyed the course, as I was able to build on the knowledge I already had acquired. For budding photographers, who are looking to up skill their knowledge, I would recommend this course - Peter Groch
The 8 week course was fun and thorough. The team and atmosphere at SPW are warm and encouraging. Ben, especially was really approachable and made sure no-one in the class was left behind. The Final Night was a really nice touch. I highly recommend this course and SPW. Cheers guys, - Emma Bailie
I now know how to use my camera - now I need to practice. I look forward to the next course I take. - Lisa Elliott
Really enjoyed it, picked it up easy. - Ramai Pohe
Professional, fun learning experience. - Mone
Thank you for all of your help and please thank Ben on my behalf for his incredible teaching and guidance! - Kaylie Douglas
I thoroughly enjoyed the Night Photography course with Glenn Lockitch at Vivid Sydney 2015 on the 30th May. Glenn is very professional with the participants in the course, checking that each person has understood what he has said and making sure that they can operate their cameras to utilise each of the functions he is explaining. - Allen Cullen
Hi team, I found the day very fun, inspirational and educational. Lots of information to take away and practice. Regards, - Andrew Barbaro - People Photography
Thanks for the great class last Saturday. I thought one of the nice aspects of it was that it offered a lot for quite a novice (like me) as well as for people with much more skill and experience. I appreciated how comfortable you both made me feel during the class, and I got a lot out of it. I'd recommend it. - Patrick Lavery
Had a great day at the Sydney Photographic Workshops, learnt a lot. I never really thought that a Speedlite Flash could be so useful, as I always thought that studio lighting would be better suited. It was good to get back into photography and relearn the basics and to learn to create window lighting without a window!.... Thanks - Julia Donney
Just wanted to send a note of big thanks for the great workshop last night lead by Glenn. I tried some time back to do a course and came away more lost with my camera and feeling I would never 'get those numbers right' - zero confidence. I learnt more from Glenn in 3 hours and now so keen to learn more. He was a patient and thoughtful tutor, who really knew how to get information across in a straight forward intelligent way. My thanks for such a great event. Best regards - Natalie Verdon (VIVID Festival Night Photography Workshop)
The 4 hour course was excellent. The tutor was really good - conveyed everything in a direct and factual way that made it easily understood. A huge amount of information to take in, but he held everyone's attention throughout. - Euan Matheson
.... I would like to thank SPW and you for organising such a informative workshop and delivering it through a well skilled tutor. Overall it was a great experience. His personal attention to each and everyone made the tuition worthy and so created more interest in the subject. I will proudly recommend SPW to my friends.... - Prem Sandhu
I learned a lot last night (VIVID Festival Night Photography Workshop). Thanks to Ben. Of course I need to practice what I learned. I posted a photo I took last night. I'm very pleased. I don't know how to do this kind of photo before so thank you. Best Regards - Sharon O
Just to let you know we had a very informative workshop on Friday night, we were so lucky with the weather, Ben was fantastic and we all learnt heaps. His teaching style was fantastic and everything made sense. Would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone. - Meredith McNay
I thoroughly enjoyed the Photographing People workshop. The setting, Models, Food and group of Students made for an inspiring and highly worthwhile day of photography. I have to say though that the high point for me, was learning from Daniel. He was extremely generous with his time and information sharing. To have the opportunity to learn from a talented and passionate Professional Photographer was exciting and energising. The gathering back at the studio at the end of the day was a great way to end a fantastic day. Thank you to you and Daniel for a great day. - Lyndall Khoury
I enjoyed it immensely. My thanks to Glen. He's a great tutor. Regards - Ken Maiden
I have very much enjoyed the course and learnt a great deal. Thank you for the professionalism and quality of teaching. Kind regards - Nicole Molloy
Thank you for the training and inspiration.... I look forward to putting all the techniques I've learnt from Glen & Ben in to practice more often. Regards - Daniel Muscat
I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop which saw a small group of us walk from Circular Quay to the Rocks and learn copious amounts of new tricks and tips with our cameras. Glenns explanations were clear and explicit always demonstrating himself first and modelling on his own camera which made it easy for us to then go off and shoot on our own. A fantastic experience and I learnt a lot even as a Photography teacher myself. Looking forward to my next workshop :) Kind regards - Kristy Pugliano
I’ve really enjoyed the course, and Glenn was a great teacher. He was knowledgeable and helpful throughout the course. I know I am walking away with the know-how to take photos on manual mode with a healthy level of confidence. Thank you! Regards - Jess Simmons
I have learnt a lot about my camera from doing this course and I can't wait to use that knowledge at our overseas trip soon. Kind regards - Amy Koit
I found the session informal, informative and relaxed. Daniel made things easy to understand and spoke at a level that was correct for me. I learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed the time spent doing something I love. I have laminated the handwritten information Daniel went through with me and its become my 'bible'! Having done the session, I was so enthused about my photography that I bought a new camera to achieve what I want to do and plan to arrange another session very soon! Thank you again!! - Karl Bayliss
I took part in the photography workshop 28 March and I was very impressed with the course. The content was useful, informative and easy to follow. Our coach was fantastic at explaining things in detail; allowing us beginners to understand why we were doing things a certain way. I would recommend this course to others. Regards - Rebecca Stephenson
I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop at Sydney Photographic Studio (Workshops). Watching Daniel work was so inspiring, he's a true master and to be able to then implement his techniques was so exciting! I'll definitely be back to learn more! - Stefanie Neal
The speedlite course was a real eye opener on how versatile they are. The day was run really well and great value, thank you. - Best regards, Roman Wolczak
This (Speedlite) workshop was thorough and well constructed. The team was amazing and so accommodating. The models were professional and of industry standard. I had fun and learnt a lot. I would do it again tomorrow and the day after that... Cheers - Chris Butta
The 8 weeks has been an incredible and inspiring experience. Every week I have learnt something new, and been challenged to apply that learning. The course has changed the way I think about photography and the camera, and left me with a strong desire to learn more, shoot more and find my style. I cannot possibly recommend it to those I know enough. - Craig Fotheringham
Thank you for your great digital photography course. I have learnt so much in the last 8 weeks and already have noticed how my photos have improved by using the right settings for every situation. I will highly recommend Sydney Photographic Workshops to anyone wanting to learn more about photography and their camera's. - Dean Hardman
Just a little feedback to let you know that I had such a great time and I would like to make a special thank you to Frank. He is a fantastic tutor and he made me like photography even more. Thank you! I hope to take another course in the future. - Tanja Andric
I found the (Travel Photography) course a great addition to the basic 8 week course that I did a few years ago, I found both instructors to be full of useful information and when giving their opinions on certain things they also gave their reasons for their advice, In my experience if people then back up their advice with reasons, it shows that their knowledge base if very solid. This course only makes me crave for more information on photography. Kind Regards. - Peter Meagher
Great experience ! Highly recommend. I did this workshop as a complete beginner, I recently purchased an SLR and have no experience or knowledge on how to use it to its full potential (using it on automatic doesn't really count !) I knew nothing when I booked in this workshop, and came out with a great understanding at the end! It was extremely easy to understand, the guide Glenn was great, always answering questions I had, and explaining everything clearly and very well! Locations were beautiful and was such a fun night with a great group of like minded and keen people :) - Customer avatar - Abcdefg
Great way to spend the evening. Fabulous. The instructor was very passionate about photography and really knew his stuff. I learned some really cool stuff too. Would love to do more courses. - Customer avatar JT67
Great evening, learnt a lot. I thoroughly enjoyed the evening as I learnt a lot about night photography that I would not otherwise have ever known. Instructor knew his stuff and explained things well. Customer avatar - PetesPhotos
I attended the People Photography Workshop and came away from the day inspired as I continue with my photography journey. I was highly impressed with photographer Daniel, who ran the day-long workshop, with his passion for photography, professionalism, his communication skills, knowledge, patience and understanding. He was approachable and helped all of the workshop attendees, including myself, obtain the best possible photos. Personally I learnt a great deal about the importance of lighting, metering, posing and the way to effectively communicate with models. The models - Colin (portraits) and Amy (fashion, beauty) were inspired choices. Assistants Wendy and Chris also did a wonderful job in helping the attendees and making sure the workshop ran smoothly. I look forward to coming back and doing other workshops in the future, and I would highly recommend the workshops to anyone looking to improve their photography techniques. Best wishes. - Damir Govorcin
IT WAS AN EXCELLENT NIGHT! Glenn was excellent. He clearly explained the camera basics and gave us useful hints on how make photos attractive even when surroundings are a bit ordinary. Then he explained and showed our group how to take interesting night time photos using long exposures. I have a new camera.He helped me with my camera settings which I knew little about. It was a very enjoyable and valuable photographic experience. The photos of the Harbour Bridge, the Opera House and the streams of light caused by cars passing-by are quite stunning. Customer avatar VG01
This was a great learning experience. Sunny day, lots of people around, great mentor and great group of people with similar interest. Learning locations were well chosen and use of new techniques for manual and auto interaction were well explained. Additionally building the combinations of the correct moment, depth, light and contrasts aided understanding of improving photography techniques. Customer avatar - philly64
... A very organised and professional presentation, a good time management in trying to show us different technique in a day, and everyone has an opportunity to practice. Models are very professional and Chris is very helpful... - Kenneth Cheung
I just wanted to touch base and thank you and Daniel for your exceptional hospitality throughout yesterday’s (People) workshop..... I have attended other photography training courses and I don’t believe they offer the same level of assistance and professionalism as you guys did. The way in which Daniel delivered his advice and assistance was great. At no point did he become frustrated with anyones questions and I think he explained some of the more technical aspects in a way that could be understood. As I mentioned as I left I think you guys have a great business and provide a great service, I will undoubtedly return at some point to take on some further training. All the best. - Blake Curtis
I just wanted to send a quick email to let you know that I greatly enjoyed the workshop on the weekend. Glenn was an excellent tutor and I left feeling greatly inspired to make the most of my Digital SLR camera. I will definitely be recommending the workshop to others. Thanks again. - Shannon Turner
The workshop on Lightroom was very informative. It was not only executed in a relaxed atmosphere but was also intense. Gained good feel of Lightroom. Frank Farrugia is a great teacher! Thanks! - Nitin Saksena
Lightroom. An enjoyable, worthwhile experience. Thank you Frank; he is extremely knowledgable and patient. Frank creates a relaxed, supportive environment which I am very grateful for. - Lyndall Khoury
As usual your courses are both informative and entertaining. The logistics process is second to none and Frank as a tutor is amazing. I am taking so much away! Thank you for everythig! - Christina Kirillas
Feeling far more confident in working with Lightroom thanks to Frank, our tutor. Hoping for an intermediate workshop in the New Year. - Christine Gaubert
8 week beginners course - I learnt a lot, laughed a lot and really enjoyed the whole thing. Thanks Frank - Marie Le Hur
My camera is now in 'manual' - how cool is that? Thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and the workshop. - Roslyn Baldwin
A great course for someone wanting to learn how to fully use their DSLR camera. Great value for money. Very highly recommend. - Brendan McGovern
Fabulous introduction to the mysteries of digital photography and my new camera! - Jenny Morawska
Just wanted to say a big thanks to you and all the team, the course was fantastic, I really enjoyed it! I wanted just drop you guys a line and say thanks as I didn't get to pass that on to everyone on Wednesday night, I wanted to thank Glenn and Frank for all their help during the 8 weeks, along with yourself and Daniel. It was great course, and look forward to taking a few more courses in the future. - Grant Johnston
Brilliantly professional and truly inspirational! - 8 week Photography Course - Martina Vekiarellis

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