Glenn Lockitch

Glenn Lockitch is an award-winning independent social documentary, human rights and environmental photojournalist. He has been photographing in Australia and overseas for the last 18 years, and has been widely published and exhibited. He has co-produced the sell-out Sydney digital photographic projection show Cross Projections.

Glenn has been the news editor for the Sydney street newspaper the City Hub, and photographed, documented and strategised for local and international non-government organisations. In the late 1990’s he was one of the initial free-speech activists working on one of the ground-breaking global Indymedia news websites now based in over 200 cities worldwide.

  • 2010 Walkley Slide Night
    Third place for ‘Whale Wars’.
  • 2009 New York Photo Festival
    Nomination (final round) in Book Category for ‘TAXI!’ series.
  • 2008 Walkley Slide Night
    Tied third place for ‘Blood Diamonds’.
  • 2006 Newtown Flicks Film Festival
    Finalist selection for ‘TAXI!’
  • 2005 Reportage Photojournalist Festival
    Winner People’s Choice Award for ‘TAXI!’
  • Amnesty International ‘Freedom’ exhibition
    Third place for photo series on global human rights and environment issues.
Glenn Lockitch digital photographic projection show